Food & Dining

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Our fish shack classics, bowl-style dining, and SoCal-inspired menu always feature a rotating daily catch of seasonal fish straight from the docks of Montauk and the Northwest Atlantic. Our wild-caught seafood is always locally sourced - caught 24-48 hours before it hits your plate and our farmed selection comes only from the people doing it right. 

How do we know this? 

We've got the best source in the city - Greenpoint Fish & Lobster. Our tight friendship with Fishmonger Vinny Milburn is key to keeping trust, transparency and good communication in our supply chain. Local seafood is constantly changing. That's why our menu is built to ebb and flow with our oceans, so your favorite dishes never change - even when our daily landings do.  
Call it sustainable - but to us, it's just common sense.

Unit 170