See The Loop EVOLVE at The Crossing

The LOOP redevelopment will update the design that was constructed over 20 years ago. This new design incorporates nearly 200 community responses and requests that asked for more:

-Natural elements

-Seating and tables

-Fenced-in play feature

-Little to no cars in the walkable areas

-A continued water feature

The top of the horseshoe design will become a dedicated walkable area. Street parking in the Loop will remain, but some parking has been lost to create a more pedestrian friendly zone. Trees are not only being preserved, they are being added for an increased arbor count. Natural planting areas will be added, and there is a new pavement treatment that echoes the new design aesthetic.

A new modern play structure will be installed and an outdoor patio is being proposed at the north end with the potential for outdoor dining and additional activation. We are excited to install a new design that enhances walkability, increases useable plaza space, consolidates vehicular movement, modernize the existing lot, and expand the landscape plan and tree canopies.

Construction is slated to continue throughout 2022.

For addtional questions, please contact